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Islamophobes know little of Islam, research finds


The preliminary findings of a Deakin University study suggest that the key to fighting Islamophobia is teaching people about Islam. The preliminary findings of the Muslims and Islamic Religiosity in the West research project included 57 per cent of 304 survey responses ...

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Understand gender biases to tackle them: consultant


“Men favour men.” It’s a simple-sounding but complex concept that was explored by gender consultant Dr Mark Toner, at Campus Review’s Higher Equity Summit. Toner is chair of the Gender Equity Working Group of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, and ...

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HIGHER EQUITY 2016: Be part of the conversation


Campus Review’s inaugural Higher Equity Summit kicks off today in Sydney. Here we’ll discuss, and work solutions towards solving, a very pertinent question in higher education – how can equity be achieved? Keep tabs here to follow Higher Equity Summit, ...

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Not driving gives elderly women the blues: research


Elderly women who stop driving become more vulnerable to depression because it leaves them socially isolated, Australian researchers have concluded. The University of Queensland’s School of Psychology studied 4000 women aged in their late 70s and 80s over nine years, ...

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DNA illustrates first Australians’ journey

Professor David Lambert. Photo: Griffith University

A study into the DNA of Aboriginal Australians has shed new light on when their ancestors left Africa and revealed extensive genetic diversity between west and east coast indigenous populations. Researchers from Griffith University formed part of the first extensive ...

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