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Humans have halved tree cover: study


Tree cover has nearly halved since the start of human civilisation and the pace of deforestation has not abated. A 15-nation team led by Yale University experts used a combination of old-fashioned headcounts and state-of-the-art satellite and supercomputer technology to ...

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Qld researchers tackle dengue fever


Queensland researchers believe a ground-breaking method aimed at stopping the spread of dengue fever can be used to combat the virus on a large scale overseas. About 300,000 mosquitoes carrying a naturally-occurring bacteria preventing them from transmitting the disease were ...

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Eighth case of measles at Qld university

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An eighth case of measles has been linked to a Brisbane university. The Metro North Hospital and Health Service confirmed on Wednesday the case was linked to the University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus. The student was infectious while attending ...

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Experts to unite to analyse modern warfare


Legal issues surrounding modern warfare will form the basis of a new research unit being planned for the University of Adelaide. Experts in digital technology, international law, armed conflict, human rights and national security will inform the unit, based in ...

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Only half of psychology studies replicated


An investigation into the reproducibility of results in psychology has found fewer than half of replications produce the same findings as the original study, regardless of the analytic method or criteria. Launched in 2012, the Reproducibility Project: Psychology was an international ...

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Warmer waters to hinder plankton growt

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New research has contradicted previous assumptions that warmer waters allow plankton to flourish. An international study, involving researchers from the University of Western Australia, has found although increased carbon dioxide levels would promote growth of the microscopic organism, the associated ...

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Scientists develop slow-melting ice cream

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The summer scourge of sticky hands could become a thing of the past.  British researchers have announced the discovery of an ingredient that makes ice cream melt more slowly. The protein BslA, which occurs naturally in some food, helps blend the components of ...

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Obese people’s appetites hard-wired: study


Obese people may have brains that are hard-wired to find food irresistible, a study has found. Food craving is associated with different kinds of brain connectivity in those who are obese and of normal weight, the research shows. Scientists offered ...

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Growth and bright future for Tas


More Tasmanians will be university educated by 2025 in a move the state government believes will unlock the Apple Isle’s full potential. In announcing a new partnership agreement between the government and the University of Tasmania at a state reception ...

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No structure for education spending: Mitchell Institute


A Mitchell Institute analysis of Australia’s expenditure on higher education, vocational education and training, and schools, shows no consistent framework in government spending. Despite calls to government from business, unions and community groups, to improve job prospects and overall workforce ...

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