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UoW donor calls gifts path to immortality

(Left to right) vice-chancellor professor Paul Wellings, Suzanne Walker, emeritus professor Ken McKinnon  and Jillian Broadbent, chancellor. Photo: UOW

The donor of a $1.3 million grant to the University of Wollongong argues funding education is the single best investment one can make for future generations and useful in ensuring “a bit of immortality” Emeritus professor Ken McKinnon, former UoW ...

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USYD’s Nadim tears into federal deradicalisation plan


A University of Sydney expert has launched a scathing attack on a federal government schools deradicalisation program that seeks to follow New South Wales’ example. In a joint announcement, federal education minister Simon Birmingham and federal justice minister Michael Keenan, explained this ...

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‘Bionic spinal cord’ heads for human trials

The stentrode can record brain signals from within a blood vessel next to the brain. These thoughts are captured, decoded and passed wirelessly through the skin to enable control of an exoskeleton. Photo: UniMelb

A device implanted in a brain blood vessel may one day enable people with spinal cord injuries to walk again, University of Melbourne researchers have announced. Limbs wouldn’t be reactivated, but the person’s direct thought might be able to control equipment ...

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AHEIA argues workforce models need more flexibility


University workforces must move away from the traditional 40/40/20 workforce model and embrace flexibility, the sector’s employer association has argued. The 40/40/20 model typically allocates 40 per cent of academic staff’s workload to research, 40 per cent to teaching and 20 ...

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Disrupted, not defeated: technology is threat and catalyst


The ongoing development and introduction of new technology in university environments is changing the nature of tertiary education, providing new revenue streams, competition and disruption, states a report commissioned by the Australian Higher Education Industrial Association (AHEIA) and written by PwC. ...

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Teaching degrees are uni cash cows: Dinham


Teaching degrees are used by universities as a cash cow and this can partially explain startling teacher attrition rates, an expert has said. Recent research from the Australian National University shows 30 to 50 per cent of teachers quit the ...

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