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Don’t let Indonesian language die: Bowen


It would be an “irreversible national scandal” if Australia allowed Indonesian studies to cease in this country, the federal shadow treasurer warns. The language is on track for extinction at Australian universities in the next decade because not enough high ...

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Skin cancer trials need Aussies: expert


Overseas skin cancer patients are being used in Australian radiotherapy trials due to a lack of local volunteers, a researcher says. Professor Gerald Fogarty is calling on more Australian doctors to refer patients onto the multiple trials investigating the effectiveness ...

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Young workers can be cyber risk: SA study


Young tech-savvy workers are more likely to risk computer security systems than their less impulsive older colleagues, an Adelaide researcher says. A University of Adelaide study into different personality traits and computer behaviours says younger tech-savvy employees are more likely ...

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Response to ISIS requires ‘soft’ approach, too: expert

Credit: Facebook

Hard counter-terrorism responses to the Paris bombing risk neglecting de-radicalisation programs, which schools play a key role in, an expert has said. Hard responses include military action, increased securitisation, toughened legislative measures and clamping down with law enforcement. Nationals MP ...

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