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The cost of foreign students

Australian governments should look carefully at the economics of extending welfare entitlements to temporary residents, writes Andrew Norton. Public hospitals refusing to admit pregnant international students. Government schools charging fees to the children of international students. International students having to ...

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Student parents run the healthcare gauntlet

A Malaysian couple obtaining PhDs from Monash University has struggled to obtain maternity care in Australia.  It was only after traipsing to a sixth public hospital in Melbourne that international students Shamsul Mohideen and his wife, Azleena Mohamad, were finally ...

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A better deal for overseas students

The Australian Human Rights Commission is drawing up a list of minimum standards for the international education  sector writes Helen Szoke. Laurence Peters was an educationalist most famously known as the creator of the Peter Principle. His focus was on competency ...

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No apology over healthcare knockback

The Queensland government has defended its controversial decision to deny specialist health care to international students at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. State health minister Geoff Wilson told Campus Review the state “made no apology” for refusing obstetric and ...

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Governments move on student travel

Reports that Australian governments will consider nationalising student travel concessions has fuelled the long campaign to extend the concessions to all international students. Student groups and Universities Australia seized the moment to yet again call on the Victorian and NSW ...

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