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The future of water: WSU

On World Water Day today (March 22), environmental experts from Western Sydney University have come together to share their views on sustainability and the future of our water supply. This year's theme – Nature for Water – focuses attention on ...

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Warning to Humanity: science paper ranks #6

A paper co-authored by Dr Thomas Newsome at the University of Sydney has gone viral, and is now ranked sixth among the most-read academic publications. Following on from a document released 26 years ago, the World Scientists' Warning to Humanity: ...

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Fight to save habitat trees at UNE

Students and staff at the University of New England have reacted strongly against the decision to remove 78 native trees from the campus, and are calling for the demolition to cease immediately. Contractors began removing the first of the trees on ...

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Monash’s carbon-free pledge questioned

With much fanfare, Monash recently announced it’s going clean. The Group of Eight member vowed that by 2030, all its energy will be derived from renewable sources. Additionally, it has committed to being carbon neutral by this date. This means that ...

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Urban needs may claim 1bn hectares

An area the size of China will probably be covered by cities within 50 years and up to 1 billion hectares of land is likely to be cleared to feed the world, say concerned environmental scientists. They warn against overconfidence ...

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Digging into a carbon career

A carbon management course developed in 2010 for the waste management industry has been successfully adapted as a VET program for schools. The Certificate III in Carbon Management was developed by Sandhurst Catholic Education Office (CEO), north of Melbourne, in ...

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