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End of the line: Nothing like the real thing

Online education is a great idea but it has its limitations, just like internet games, you can’t beat the touchy-feely experience, writes Richard Hil It’s 2025 and emeritus professors Stone and Wall are walking through the once resplendent inner city ...

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End of the line – Get smart on TEQSA

The dean of arts at McDazzle University, Professor Terry Smart, is poring over TEQSA’s new Regulatory Risk Framework as the head of cultural studies, Dr Don Doubt, enters the room.  Professor Smart [Rubbing hands together]: Isn’t it bloody marvellous?! Dr ...

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End of the Line – Beam me up

ET from planet Zog has been beamed from his command ship to earth to discuss Australian higher education policy with the minster for tertiary education, Senator Chris Evans. Startled by the presence of a small green figure, Senator Evans offers a cautious greeting. Minister: What ...

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End of the line – the perils of listomania

Senior lecturer in cultural studies, Dr Peter Rank, is meeting with the campus counsellor to discuss the former’s obsession with lists. Counsellor [With deep concern]: So Peter, how’s it going? Peter [Downcast]: Well, yeah, I was doing alright. Counsellor: The ...

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