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At an OECD glance, we’re an education mélange

The title of the 'Australia' section of the OECD's latest annual, education-centric report could be 'nevertheless'. This is because most negatives seemed to be counterbalanced with positives. For example, Education at a Glance 2018 revealed that while our university fees are relatively high, ...

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University education a waste of time and money: economics prof

Though the government's university funding freeze attracted sector-wide scorn, at least it relieved universities from having to relentlessly justify graduating increasing numbers of students amidst a tepid job market.  But what if, demand-driven byproducts aside, the teaching element of universities remains ...

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Where are the higher education policies?

The lack of tertiary education policy announcements from the major parties as campaigning gathers pace is hardly new. But the Opposition’s support of what Labor has already done is unusual. By Fran Molloy As September’s federal election draws near, it’s ...

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