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‘People without jobs, jobs without people’

Rhetoric around youth unemployment must change, an expert has argued. Australian Bureau of Statistics figures rest youth unemployment at 12.44 per cent, although it declined in the last quarter. Debate on the issue has centred on the notion of a skills gap – education ...

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Master’s thesis goes down the toilet, happily

A University of New South Wales student has used the toilet seat to marry two of his passions in a master’s of philosophy thesis – architecture and altruism. Nick Papas partnered with the Sago Network to research how to rollout low-cost, eco-friendly toilets ...

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USYD’s Nadim tears into federal deradicalisation plan

A University of Sydney expert has launched a scathing attack on a federal government schools deradicalisation program that seeks to follow New South Wales’ example. In a joint announcement, federal education minister Simon Birmingham and federal justice minister Michael Keenan, explained this ...

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AHEIA argues workforce models need more flexibility

University workforces must move away from the traditional 40/40/20 workforce model and embrace flexibility, the sector’s employer association has argued. The 40/40/20 model typically allocates 40 per cent of academic staff’s workload to research, 40 per cent to teaching and 20 ...

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