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Don’t be cynical about gender equity

Research suggests staff cynicism about vice-chancellor pushes for gender equity could perpetuate inequity. Professor Isabel Metz, from the University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Business School, has gone into businesses and examined executives’ attitudes towards gender equity. She found many leaders are reluctant to publicly speak about the ...

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Toughen up teaching degree entry standards: Grattan

In its long list of recommendations to the next federal government, the Grattan Institute is calling for tougher entry standards into teacher education. Grattan school education program director Peter Goss estimated there has been roughly one review every year, for 40 ...

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5 tips for getting girls into STEM for good

The gender imbalance in STEM fields is well documented. The need for more women in physics, engineering and computer science-related professions – for example – is being pushed by universities, industry and, in this election cycle at least, politicians. But ...

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Campus cigarette bans could be harming smokers

Many university campuses around Australia are telling students and staff to butt out. But one expert has argued that these blanket bans on smoking might be causing harm. Many institutions, including all in the state of Victoria, along with the University ...

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UniMelb opens $6.5 million arts education facility

With endless announcements about new multimillion-dollar STEM facilities opening at Australian universities, arts education has finally received some love. It’s $6.5 million worth of love in fact – the price tag of the University of Melbourne's new arts education facility. ...

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