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Innovate or deteriorate

If we are to improve our reputation for innovation, universities must be more aware of the business approach to marketing and development. We hear often today about productivity and innovation. Productivity is seen as the key to the future, unlocking ...

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Overseas ventures a success

Monash has built on its strong international student base to develop a more networked university of the Asia Pacific. Although it has become almost routine to say so, we are living in a time of transformational change. We are still ...

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The physical campus will endure

Universities must adapt to an ever-changing education landscape, but their basic appeal – good teaching in a rich environment – will remain. As the recent Ernst & Young report University of the Future has reminded us, all organisations are subject ...

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What students want

The feedback from various groups is illuminating, and humbling, students want opportunity and good amenities but mostly they want to engage with academics. In 2000, Mel Gibson starred in the movie What Women Want. Playing Chicago advertising executive and chauvinist ...

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Hats off to caps off

Many more disadvantaged students in Queensland are getting a chance at higher education thanks to restrictions being removed It is true that the uncapping of student places has generated more choice in course options, including a growth in areas with ...

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Time to trade in well-worn university model

Higher education faces the prospect of dramatic change in the next few years, writes Stephen Parker. What might a university of the future look like? The future of higher education globally is bright, but the current conception of a university ...

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