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Professor tackles rural education inequity

"Most importantly this report highlights there is no silver bullet...," Education Minister Simon Birmingham declared. By this, he meant there is no magic fix-all to the metropolitan/rural education standards gap, as proven by Emeritus Professor Dr John Halsey's newly-published report ...

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Thanks to Yale, happiness is now free

Maslow's hierarchy of needs dictates that there are baseline necessities for human satisfaction. Food, shelter and relationships are most critical. Then there's self-esteem, and, if you're lucky, self-actualisation: the fulfillment of one's potential. But happiness isn't as simple as scaling a ...

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Australia’s first survey of PhD graduate outcomes

In an Australian-first, Group of Eight universities will investigate and publish the extent to which PhD students contribute to the nation. The three year project, dubbed Understanding PhD Career Pathways, will survey more than 200,000 PhD graduates and provide information ...

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The complexities of bin chickens

The bin chicken, or Australian white ibis, as it's less commonly known, isn't only hungering for your spare fries. Researchers from the University of Wollongong, the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, and the Australian Museum have found that their migratory patterns are ...

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