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No apology over healthcare knockback

The Queensland government has defended its controversial decision to deny specialist health care to international students at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. State health minister Geoff Wilson told Campus Review the state “made no apology” for refusing obstetric and ...

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ANU Burma fracas – the studied bite back

That researcher Ashley South is upset his report received a strongly worded response from the Karen National Union (The Nation 22/08/11 and Campus Review 31/10/11) indicates both his naivety as a public writer and his arrogance. South cites two articles ...

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Diversify or die

The financially threatened universities of Europe need more autonomy so that they can diversify their income streams – but staff are worried that new income streams will threaten their academic autonomy. Co-funding arrangements could be the biggest threat to the ...

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China decline to get worse than India

China won’t prop up student flows to Australia any more, new data suggests. New student numbers will slump this year from all the top international education markets, with China now well and truly in decline as a source country, according ...

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Indian students now safe: Delhi minister

The federal government’s efforts to improve international student safety didn’t impress many in the sector, but they appear to have satisfied the Indian government. Indian students in Australia no longer feel concerned about their personal safety, says the country’s External ...

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Uneven paying field

To fee or not to fee? It’s a question that elicits very different responses across Europe. And the differences are hampering brain circulation in a continent where collaboration is the name of the game, writes John Ross “Universities say one ...

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