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The first Tuesday in November

What will the new Obama regime mean for universities? I think the answer lies in this slogan: “Rednecks for Obama. Even we’ve had enough.” The New York Times reported that this sign was seen emblazoned on a Confederate flag before ...

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Bootcamp for humanists

Toby Miller spent two weeks retooling with the great and the good of critical theory. It was a blissful experience.   I’ve just emerged from the northern summer seminar in experimental critical theory, described as a boot camp for humanists ...

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How do you get tenure?

As a tenured academic in the US, Toby Miller is clear about its value and equally clear about the need to protect its status.   Tenure is a real prize in the US academy. Most academic positions are casualised – ...

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The lucky professor

Australian academics seem to be driven by self-advancement, writes Toby Miller.   I’m lucky enough to be an honorary professor at the University of Queensland between 2006 and 2009, which allows me to visit Australia twice a year for a ...

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