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Harvard launches ‘virtual classroom’

The newest classroom at Harvard University's business school has no desks or chairs. Instead, the professor teaches facing a towering digital screen that stretches from wall to wall, filled with the live video feeds of up to 60 students tuned ...

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Study points to rising obesity in SA

Almost a third of all South Australians will be obese by 2019, new research predicts. A study published on Friday in the Australia New Zealand Journal of Public Health states that 28.7 per cent of males and 29.2 per cent ...

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Warmer waters to hinder plankton growt

New research has contradicted previous assumptions that warmer waters allow plankton to flourish. An international study, involving researchers from the University of Western Australia, has found although increased carbon dioxide levels would promote growth of the microscopic organism, the associated ...

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Scientists develop slow-melting ice cream

The summer scourge of sticky hands could become a thing of the past.  British researchers have announced the discovery of an ingredient that makes ice cream melt more slowly. The protein BslA, which occurs naturally in some food, helps blend the components of ...

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Substance trumps spin

Victoria led VET down the path to dysfunction but it is now providing ideas for grown-up solutions while the country’s leaders ramble on. Two totally different future approaches to redesigning the VET sector were tabled in the month of July ...

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Obese people’s appetites hard-wired: study

Obese people may have brains that are hard-wired to find food irresistible, a study has found. Food craving is associated with different kinds of brain connectivity in those who are obese and of normal weight, the research shows. Scientists offered ...

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Growth and bright future for Tas

More Tasmanians will be university educated by 2025 in a move the state government believes will unlock the Apple Isle's full potential. In announcing a new partnership agreement between the government and the University of Tasmania at a state reception ...

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USQ forms partnership for open education

The University of Southern Queensland is expanding the way it delivers information, with a new alliance to promote open education opportunities. USQ has partnered with the Open Source Initiative (OSI), a global non-profit organisation that promotes open-source software, which is ...

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