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International briefs

UK looks to international student experience The University of Northampton is to offer a postgraduate certificate in enhancing the international student experience. The course, which will be introduced at the beginning of 2010, was developed in response to increasing numbers ...

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Libraries head into the blogosphere

A web 2.0 learning program is taking off in Australian libraries, and may help secure their future in a rapidly changing world, reports Jeremy Gilling. Fears that the internet could sound the death knell for libraries are being countered by ...

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Into the vault

Monash University and the University of Melbourne will each contribute $5.5 million towards the construction of the largest collaborative library storage facility in Australia. The $16 million library project will treble the storage capacity of the existing space of CAVAL ...

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ARC grant process counterproductive

Many researchers don’t need a large grant to carry out their research, but the system drives them to apply nevertheless. By Tom Clark. I hate Australian Research Council grants. I don’t hate the ARC staff. I’ve only ever been impressed ...

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Positive energy for competitive success

Can training providers weaned on government funding learn to think and act differently, asks John Mitchell. Seasoned players in the national VET sector are watching with interest the way training providers respond to the competitive agenda in Victoria, following the ...

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