U of Wollongong professor joins Law of the Seas board

Professor Clive Schofield, from the University of Wollongong’s Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security, an authority in international maritime boundaries, has been appointed to the International Advisory Board on the Law of the Seas.
The worldwide body has only 17 members and aims to provide expert advice and guidance on scientific and technical aspects of international sea law.
Schofield says it is a great honour to represent Australia in this forum.
“Whilst the international law of the sea is clearly a body of law, this tells only part of the story,” he says. “In reality, the international legal framework for the oceans has to deal with the practical and physical realities of the vast maritime spaces involved and the complex marine environments, resources and activities that exist therein.”
Schofield presented his research and ideas on the law of maritime claims at the University of Wollongong Big Ideas event earlier this year.

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