The Blog Rankings – a different way of measuring impact

‘Publish or perish’ is the unofficial motto of scientific life. Get your research out there! Get citations! Get your rankings up! But it’s easier in some areas than others, as University of South Australia pain specialist Professor Lorimer Moseley has found.
Moseley, a professor of clinical neurosciences and the university’s first chair in physiotherapy, has spent the last few years undertaking something of an experiment: together with a team of researchers, he runs, a blog and website dedicated to getting the latest research in pain management to the people actually using it in the field, not just the people reading journal articles.
“As a clinical scientist, what I am trying to do is change clinical practice, and one of the ways I am evaluated as a scientist is by my impact – and if I am trying to impact people who never write papers, my citation count is not going to reflect what we are doing, and in any case, writing papers will take ten years to get to the punters who use it on the coalface,” Moseley said.

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