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Researchers make progress on saving wombats

Genetics research led by the University of the Sunshine Coast may have found the origins of sarcoptic mange, a disease that threatens Australia's wombat and koala populations. PhD student Tamieka Fraser, who is also enrolled at the University of Tasmania, ...

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Marwick joins Menzies

Professor Tom Marwick has been welcomed by the University of Tasmania as the Menzies Research Institute Tasmania’s new director. Marwick has an outstanding record in both medical research and research leadership in Australia and internationally, and has a strong interest ...

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Fear of flying course takes off

Want to overcome a fear of flying? The University of Tasmania is offering some helpful hints to make your journey less turbulent. UTAS is holding a four-week program to offer some practical tips for people with a fear of flying. ...

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Call for more university teaching on ageing

With the greying population, universities are finding they need to adapt their nursing and medical courses.   Whether you are a nursing, medical or paramedic student at the University of Tasmania, you can’t complete your studies without taking Perspectives on Ageing, ...

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