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UNE appoints new Vice-Chancellor

The University of New England has appointed Professor Chris Moran as the university's new vice-chancellor following the resignation of Brigid Heywood in August last year. Professor Chris Moran, who has been Curtin's University Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research since 2016, said ...

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UNE staff and alumni call for transparency

University of New England's new advisory body has called for increased transparency, staff inclusion in managerial processes and for Chancellor James Harris to resign.  On Friday, more than 500 UNE staff, alumni, and former employees met to vote in favour ...

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UNE Vice-Chancellor resigns amid racism allegations

University of England Vice-Chancellor Brigid Heywood has resigned amid allegations of racial vilification and assault, with the university breaking its silence following pressure from unions. Heywood was charged last week with common assault and behaving offensively in public after an ...

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UNE Vice-Chancellor faces assault charges

University of New England Vice Chancellor Professor Brigid Heywood is due to front court after she allegedly assaulted a 16-year-old girl in Armidale on March 8. The 65-year-old has been issued with a court attendance notice and is facing charges ...

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Fight to save habitat trees at UNE

Students and staff at the University of New England have reacted strongly against the decision to remove 78 native trees from the campus, and are calling for the demolition to cease immediately. Contractors began removing the first of the trees on ...

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On the Move November

WATTERSTON HEADED FOR MELBOURNE Dr Jim Watterston has been appointed dean of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. He is currently the director-general of the Queensland Department of Education and Training, and has more than 30 years’ experience in education, ...

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Student seepage worrisome: government

“People are making complicated – and sometimes deeply personal – decisions to withdraw from study when life gets in the way. We shouldn’t pressure students to stay enrolled if they need to care for a dying parent, for instance, and ...

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Good Universities Guide results: explained

People looking to commence university studies next year would do well to check out the Good Universities Guide 2018, released yesterday. We've already laid out the main stats. But, to better understand the big data picture, we spoke to Ross White, head of ...

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