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Should world leaders’ grades be public property?

The definition of intelligence is complicated. Cambridge Dictionary defines it as 'the ability to learn, understand, and make judgments or have opinions that are based on reason', though, in psychology, when measured by IQ tests, it refers to the ability ...

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USYD calls out bullshit

The 2016 Oxford Dictionary's Word of the Year is getting a work out. 'Post-truth' is the subject of a new USYD research project. Simply named the Post-Truth Initiative, it pools together researchers from fields as diverse as physics, philosophy, data ...

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Trump’s tweets decoded to reveal his persona

Nothing currently drives the international news and the US policy agenda more than Donald Trump's prolific, often controversial tweets. So, it makes sense that a team of international researchers, led by QUT, would examine them to determine his personality. By analysing his ...

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Academics cautiously welcome revised US travel ban

Although a US travel ban affecting citizens of six Muslim-majority nations has been partially reinstated, academics, who’ve been exempted, are relieved. This week, the US Supreme Court, in the process of granting a hearing date for the ban, lifted it ...

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