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Excellence in teaching rewarded at UTS

Three academics have been recognised for their work in teaching and learning at the University of Technology, Sydney. The Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building (DAB) introduced the awards to recognise the pedagogical skills across the faculty and to raise ...

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Learning for teachers made plain

The newest tool for online professional engagement is creating a buzz among educators, reports Natasha Egan. Professional development for teachers is about to get a whole lot easier, with the launch of a new online games-based tool where teachers from ...

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Practical help for the disadvantaged

To help students from low socio-economic backgrounds do their best universities need to engage with them and their teachers rather than act when it is too late, writes Marcia Devlin. Students from low socio-economic status (LSES) backgrounds are entering Australian ...

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Taking a leaf from Aristotle’s book

 Allowing teachers to be educated in practical wisdom will benefit students and society, writes Neil Hooley.  Much of the debate these days regarding schooling, teaching and learning takes place within a political and economic context that assumes its imperatives can ...

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University teaching needs executive commitment

Senior executives in universities ought to allocate resources for the improvement and enhancement of teaching and learning as part of the planning and budget cycle. This is one of the approaches needed to overcome significant challenges faced by university leaderships in ...

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A gripe over Grattan school report

It is concerning when poor research about teachers is made public. When that poor research is taken up by the media there is cause for greater concern. When poor research is taken up by policy makers then it is time ...

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