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New Zealand cuts funding to free degrees

Storm clouds have brewed in the land of the long white cloud. After the much-heralded announcement of 'free', that is, taxpayer-funded university in October last year, in its May budget, the Labour government froze funding. Perhaps following Australia's lead, the ...

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Free university education: Kiwi feat or a red herring?

When Jacinda Ardern became New Zealand's Prime Minister in October last year, many were surprised because of her youth, inexperience and femininity. Staunchly Labour, she moved quickly to enact her 'progressive, anti-capitalist' agenda. Among her reforms was making all forms of higher education ...

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Mountain hidden by molehill

A botched attempt at a small increase in school class sizes has drawn attention away from the growing problem of teacher development. We have been through interesting times over here in New Zealand. It all started about six weeks ago ...

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Relax, we have been here before

When it comes to mergers, unis and TAFEs can calm their nerves by looking at the absorbtion of colleges 25 years ago, writes Stuart Middleton. In discussions it is all very well to know were you want to end up ...

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The NZ push for results continues

The re-election of the Nationals in New Zealand means some in the education system will have to get used to more accountability. “Here we go again …” is sung lustily at one New Zealand post-election event while at another “The ...

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Education invisible in NZ election

New Zealand is in the grips of a general election that is anything but gripping. It is a case of general election interruptis as it all had to go on hold while we dealt with the Rugby World Cup. Some ...

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