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Uni attrition rate stats provoke HESPy reaction

It’s spotlight time for the lengthily-named higher education regulators and advisors, TESQA (Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency) and HESP (Higher Education Standards Panel). First, TEQSA released first-year university attrition statistics. Now, HESP is commenting on them, as well as ...

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Student fee changes up for debate

They were a suitably contrarian trio. Professor Glyn Davis, vice-chancellor of the University of Melbourne, Sophie Johnston, president of the National Union of Students, and Andrew Norton, higher education program director at the Grattan Institute, graced the stage at the ...

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IRU says demand-driven uni system working

On the fifth anniversary of the demand-driven university quota system, introduced by Julia Gillard’s Labor government, there are mixed feelings about its efficacy. On the one hand, Conor King, executive director of the Innovative Research Universities (IRU), claims it’s a ...

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Labor promises more money for unis, better co-operation

Federal Labor has vowed to pump billions of dollars into universities, and would work to ensure that the higher education and VET sectors act cohesively if elected. Shadow education minister Tanya Plibersek said Labor would invest billions of dollars in universities and schools. ...

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VC Hill calls for unfreezing of sub-degree places

In his first push for policy change as incoming chair of the Regional Universities Network, professor Greg Hill has called for sub-degree loans to be included in the demand-driven system. Hill, who is vice-chancellor of the University of the Sunshine ...

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Universities step into the unknown

In anticipation of the biggest expansion of higher education in the nation’s history, Universities Australia’s (UA) fourth annual conference was dominated by discussion about the new demand-driven system.  The impact of the reform on universities and students cannot yet be ...

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Building supports for all students

 A successful UWS assistance program is helping non-traditional students get through the demands of campus life.   With the movement of higher education from an elite to a mass system, precipitated in part by the setting of governmental targets for both ...

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Brand still the main attraction, says Marginson

Prestige will remain the primary driver of student movement in the new Australian demand-driven system, a higher education conference has heard. And that prestige will still be determined by a university’s research outcomes, rather than its teaching and learning quality. ...

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