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UA calls for delay in AQF deadline

The AQF review is heading towards its final deadline as the battlelines rage on several fronts. Masters degrees continue to throw multiple spanners in the works for the Australian Qualifications Framework Council as it forges ahead with finalising a revised ...

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Sydney puts students at the centre

The University of Sydney is set to undergo four years of reform and renewal. The University of Sydney is set to overhaul its undergraduate degrees, with a specific focus on the first-year experience and graduate outcomes. But it has opted ...

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Navitas proves quality is the key

Two recent AUQA reports reveal how public private partnerships in tertiary education can be win-win. Private education and training company Navitas recorded a record profit this year and two recent Australian University Quality Agency reports may provide a small insight ...

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Labor will fund growth, but will it be enough?

Simon Crean says there is more money in the pipeline for higher education if Labor is re-elected. Federal education minister Simon Crean last week indicated he supported a “substantial” increase in funding for higher education should the government be re-elected. ...

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Tertiary unity splintered by industrial disunity

Do currently industrial arrangements mean that a unified tertiary education sector is merely a pipe dream? The evolving tertiary education landscape is being stymied and compromised by rigid and inappropriate industrial relations agreements which fail to recognise teaching done across ...

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A Pretty solution to the politics of VCAM

Melbourne University last week released its response into a review of the Victorian College of the Arts and Music – but it still has to plug the $6 million annual funding gap. The upcoming federal and Victorian elections appear to ...

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Greens target struggling students

The Greens are targeting the youth vote by promising an increase in Youth Allowance and more affordable student housing. The Greens have zeroed in on the youth vote promising to tackle student poverty and housing affordability. Greens education spokeswoman Senator ...

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