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USC pledges to close the gap

The University of the Sunshine Coast will host a Close the Gap event today (Thursday), as a call for action to address disadvantage among Indigenous Australians. Launched in 2008, Close the Gap day is a national campaign to boost the ...

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Google as a cancer control tool: USC, QUT

The University of the Sunshine Coast and Queensland University of Technology scientists have found what they call a "surprising link" between Google searches about melanoma and the number of confirmed cases. The team of researchers collaborated with the Cancer Council ...

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USC creates augmented reality art galleries

A collaboration between the University of the Sunshine Coast and a local artist has resulted in a mobile app that could change the art gallery scene. Information and communication technology lecturer Dr Mark Utting worked with student Michael Lin Liu ...

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Researchers make progress on saving wombats

Genetics research led by the University of the Sunshine Coast may have found the origins of sarcoptic mange, a disease that threatens Australia's wombat and koala populations. PhD student Tamieka Fraser, who is also enrolled at the University of Tasmania, ...

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Regional unis request strategic overhaul

Despite rural, regional and remote universities being 'anchor institutions' – the economic and intellectual hearts of their respective towns – they're not recognised as such by the federal government. That's the key message of the Regional Universities Network (RUN)'s new National Regional ...

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Gaming tech used to assess stroke impact: USC

Video games, smart phones and wearable technology could be key tools to assist recovery from stroke and sports injuries, according to researchers from the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). Information on the topic was delivered in a number of ...

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