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UniSA and UofA: a merger, a marriage, or both?

It could be the 'super university' that transforms the city of churches into the university city. Or, it could be a cost-cutting exercise. These are the headlines surrounding the potential University of South Australia-University of Adelaide merger. Yet, it is much more complicated than these extremes ...

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Pollies react to potential university merger

The University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia are considering merging to create a new, leading Australian university in a move welcomed by both the state and federal governments. Both universities have agreed to explore whether a merged ...

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UniSA plants roots in China

The University of South Australia has undertaken a two-way investment opportunity to become the first Australian university to have a technology transfer office in China’s Suzhou Industrial Park. UniSA Ventures opened its doors yesterday, and will act as a platform ...

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Supersize takes on the skinny brigade

Research coming from the nation that introduced fast food to the world, saying it’s better to be fat than thin, has reignited the weight war. Antonia Maiolo reports An Australian scientist has criticised as “confusing” a US study that found ...

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UQ appoints Hoj as vice-chancellor

The University of Queensland has appointed Professor Peter Hoj as its new vice-chancellor and president. Hoj is currently the vice-chancellor and president of the University of South Australia and his previous roles include CEO of the Australian Research Council and ...

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