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Strictly Speaking | RUOK

Amid concerns about other people’s mental health, this four-letter initialism/acronym for “Are you OK?” came alive in 2021. It was coined some years before by an Australian non-profit suicide prevention organisation (in 2009) which holds an annual R U OK? ...

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Australian Manual of Style goes online

Can infinitives be split?a                                  When do you use a pie graph?b                                          Can ‘Earth’ be preceded by ‘the’?c       What order should adjectives appear in?d  All these questions of writing style and presentation – as well as up-to-date, research-based advice ...

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We are what we speak

When only a handful of people speak a language, attracting attention can be difficult. The Endangered Languages Blog, run by Professor Jane Simpson, a linguistics lecturer at ANU, and several of her colleagues around the country attempts to address that. ...

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