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Asia focus welcomed by services sector

The federal budget has done well to gear Australia’s services sector towards Asia, the industry body says. Australian Services Roundtable president James Bond said education services and tourism in the region had been boosted. “Australia’s third largest export, education and training, ...

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Bridge to Asia heeded at last

International education has done more to forge ties with Asia than any other sector and can lead the nation’s preparation for the coming “Asian century”, Senator Chris Evans has told a Universities Australia conference. The Minister for Tertiary Education told ...

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Don’t be shy about China but be careful

China's tertiary education sector is an expanding area attracting millions of dollars in government funding a year, and one which foreign partners should not shy away from taking part in.  That was the message of Professor Jeffrey Lehman, an American ...

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Uni warned on overseas student numbers

The University of Sydney is over-reliant on international students in some faculties, to the point where a sudden drop in numbers would pose a significant risk, an audit by the new quality standards body has found.  But a spokesman for ...

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New Strategy for Asia literacy: Garrett

A new stakeholder group to provide advice to government on how to boost Asia literacy in schools is to be convened shortly, Minister for School Education Peter Garrett has confirmed. The group will consist of educators, academics, teachers, the business ...

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