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UWA leads the way in Australia with new cutting-edge intuitive campus technology ‘Involvio’

UWA Chief Digital and Information Officer Warwick Calkin said he was pleased to collaborate with Cisco and Optus for UWA to be the first educator in Australia to adopt the Involvio software connecting students to fast, useful, real-time information.

The partnership between UWA and Cisco has enhanced both student engagement and student learning with the launch of a new centralised intuitive online campus hub ‘Involvio’. The Involvio technology is a customised app-based software solution, designed to suit the specific needs of UWA students which combines a mobile application, artificial intelligence and communication capabilities to enhance the student experience at the University.

Through student feedback a need for a more consolidated suite of digital services was identified and UWA is pleased to now put this valuable feedback into practice. UWA are proud to be the first Australian University to adopt this intuitive campus solution with Cisco, which is deployed on campus through integration partner Optus.

This technology has seen great success across the education sector globally supporting students from the point of orientation through to graduation. Cisco is a key driver of innovation and through its global and local partnerships will continue to foster co-innovation within the education sector. Cisco’s investment in digital transformation provides access to proven solutions like Involvio which are globally recognised to enhance student’s intuitive campus experience.

The platform is now available for UWA students offering a new kind of digital interaction in a range of different ways. Every feature in the Involvio app is the direct result of student input and feedback with incremental improvements to be made over time driven by user engagement and continuous customisation benefits.

What is so innovative about Involvio and what are the benefits?

In addition to delivering a comprehensive digital engagement experience with the app-based solution, Involvio’s customised features will work as a valuable tool to enhance the student experience.

Involvio offers a new level of student engagement and provides centralised access to every resource on campus via the digital app to help students along their path to graduation. The app’s operational insights enables the university to better understand the impacts of their programming and resource allocation, whilst maintaining student privacy.

Ultimately, UWA will have the ability to use Involvio data to inform their deployment of resources more efficiently, and adapt the ways they support each individual student, both in retrospect (for future improvement) and in real time. The overall goal is to use data to improve and help each student be their best selves, to achieve their goals and study ambitions.

What makes Involvio different from other campus solutions, is the ability to not only provide a high standard of functionality, it also offers detailed insights while retaining the security and scalability required across campus. Some other features of the app include better access to student help and support, wellbeing benefits and opportunities for greater student success. Involvio can connect students with additional help and support as they need directly from their mobile app.

Tell us more about the need for enhanced digital solutions for better student experience?

Students are always on-the-go juggling many priorities which may include work, family commitments and social life. The weight of university deadlines on top of an average busy week for most students may mean potential increased stress, a sense of feeling overwhelmed or that signs of anxiety manifest, due to the mounting pressure to succeed.

Why continue to make access to information difficult, clunky and at times irrelevant when we can customise a solution like we have with Involvio. The technology provides real-time information in the case of a timetable change or keeping in the know about university activities or social events.

Students of UWA no longer need to stress about the basics now Involvio is here to simplify it for them. Gone are the days of lugging around a laptop or access website for university scheduling or content, because Involvio is developed with mobile first mindset and access.

The Involvio technology is so advanced that it’s the first of its kind across the education sector with the ability to generate data insights on the user journey back to UWA enabling further innovations. The app provides fast performance and a high degree of reliability when adapting to different mobile interfaces offering the highest standard of student experience - Involvio as a platform makes it easy for universities to deliver on that expectation.

The new centralised services platform at UWA will provide a one-stop-shop for students to access all the information they need from what's happening on campus to resources that assist them with their studies. The app will digitally connect students to all the information they need and create a more inclusive campus environment where everyone has access to the information, at the same time, wherever they may be.

The partnership between UWA, Cisco and Optus will enhance both student engagement and student learning. Ken Boal, Vice President, Cisco Australia and New Zealand said by “embracing the intuitive technology, UWA has placed itself at the cutting edge of the student experience. Cisco is committed to supporting higher education. Involvio uses our rich technologies to drive student success.”

What services are now more accessible to students through the central platform?

As a community, we are all so reliant on technology and digital services to enhance the way we learn, socialise and connect. This app-based platform has been specifically custom designed for UWA campus to provide students with access to everything students need in one easy to navigate mobile-friendly hub.

The app will provide access to key features and services, which include:

  • Real-time updates
  • Campus events announcements
  • Timetabling and maps to get to classes
  • Discussion forums
  • Enrol in units and plan assignments
  • Customised interface based on student journey
  • Provide feedback

As we all know, things regularly shift and change in our lives daily and in order to ensure students can have access to real-time, current and reliable content UWA have worked closely with their innovative partners to create a solution to meet those needs. The app is very intuitive almost with a mind of its own as it is operating on solid networks and generating engagement using adaptive and customised technology solution for an enhanced experience.

The centralised app-based service solution has been built to support busy student lifestyles and expectation for real-time updates while on the go. The app not only provides data insights to the university to constantly improve the student experience on campus it also aims to alleviate some of the unnecessary pressures of seeking content from multiple sources. Involvio combines all the content, information and support students may be looking for al in the one place. This reduces the chances of overwhelming students by keeping them informed and updated instantly giving them every chance at success.

Involvio creates a community of students with a low barrier to involvement - it recommends events students can participate in, groups students can join, and even people who can help. Involvio brings those resources directly to every student, at the right time, on their smartphone promoting a cohesive campus community.

To find out more, contact:

Reg Johnson
General Manager
Education & Industry Development
[email protected]

Jason Bamert
National Education Lead | Optus Business
[email protected]





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