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Free university education: Kiwi feat or a red herring?

When Jacinda Ardern became New Zealand's Prime Minister in October last year, many were surprised because of her youth, inexperience and femininity. Staunchly Labour, she moved quickly to enact her 'progressive, anti-capitalist' agenda. Among her reforms was making all forms of higher education ...

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Regional unis request strategic overhaul

Despite rural, regional and remote universities being 'anchor institutions' – the economic and intellectual hearts of their respective towns – they're not recognised as such by the federal government. That's the key message of the Regional Universities Network (RUN)'s new National Regional ...

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When scientists met policymakers

They're often perceived as being at odds with each other, but this week, top scientists and bureaucrats happily commingled. In Canberra for Science meets Policymakers, they collaborated on a 10-year plan for our country's scientific and technological future. Dr Charlie Day from ...

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Call for policy change on low-SES students

The ways in which students from low socio-economic status are thought, and talked, about in Australian higher education bear examination. There are deficit conceptions of students from low SES backgrounds and deficit conceptions of the institutions in which they study. ...

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ANU Burma fracas tests limits of academic freedom

Academic freedom, truth and the future for more than 140,000 Burmese refugees on the Thai-Burma border are at stake in a dispute that has divided the small but influential international coterie of Burmese experts. Accusations of bullying, suppression and sycophancy ...

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