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HELP tax on universities: what MPs had to say

Legislation that will see universities taxed for the administration of students' access to the Higher Education Loan Program has passed the House of Representatives with bipartisan support. The changes were expected to save the government $11.7 million in forward estimates. Speaking ...

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Free university education: Kiwi feat or a red herring?

When Jacinda Ardern became New Zealand's Prime Minister in October last year, many were surprised because of her youth, inexperience and femininity. Staunchly Labour, she moved quickly to enact her 'progressive, anti-capitalist' agenda. Among her reforms was making all forms of higher education ...

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Repayment debate

Political parties have competing perspectives on student loan reform. By Dallas Bastian Billions of dollars owed under the income-contingent student loans are not expected to be recovered any time soon. All up, students owed $30 billion under HELP as of ...

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