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Ten years post-GFC, grads still struggling: Grattan report

Don’t get entranced by dazzling headlines: overall, Australian university graduates are still limping towards meaningful employment. “New graduates are still less likely to get a full-time job than a decade ago…” a new Grattan report provides. Mapping Australian higher education ...

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It pays to help disadvantaged students

The Grattan Institute report that suggests we should consider pay-your-own-way degrees might work if we were all financially secure, but we aren’t. I’ve copped a little bit of stick over comments I made last week regarding the Grattan Institute’s report ...

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Public funding for some degrees questioned

Findings presented at a one-day seminar on higher education base funding make the case that it is hard to justify public tuition subsidies across all university courses. The Centre for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Melbourne hosted ...

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