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A tale of one city, two graduates

The age of wisdom, not foolishness, is certainly in play in Newcastle. Its namesake university will imminently graduate its class of 2017. Among the graduates are Sapphire Dawson (24) and Declan Clausen (25). Though they will both don caps and gowns, in almost ...

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Degree holders’ dole data revealed

Newstart data from 2011 has just been released by the ABS, showing that the majority of allowance recipients don't, in fact, have degrees. Of the ones who do, however, the bureau helpfully broke down what they studied. Management and commerce graduates accounted ...

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Full-fee medical degree slammed by industry insiders

Although many argue there are already too many medical graduates in Australia, today another medical faculty was launched. Macquarie University unveiled its four-year, full-fee postgraduate Doctor of Medicine program, set to commence next year. “Building on the success and great reputation ...

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Skilled migrants not poaching local jobs: ACER

Everyone has probably heard something akin to the following from a taxi/Uber driver: ‘I worked as an engineer in India and now, here in Australia, the only job I can get is as a driver.’ A newly-released ACER research briefing ...

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Push to get PhDs into workforce

Universities have to do more to support their doctoral candidates and it can start with giving them a desk and a chair.  The University of Sydney is undertaking a fundamental change to the way PhD students study in an effort ...

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Graduate prospects rosy three years out

Australian graduates have good employment and salary rates, a study has found, tracking 11,000 students three years after they left university. The third Beyond Graduation report, conducted by Graduate Careers Australia, surveyed 11,807 people who had completed the 2008 Australian ...

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