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Swinburne space hub tackles climate change

Australia’s environmental issues such as floods and bushfires will now be monitored and tackled from space thanks to artificial intelligence. A new Space Tech hub in partnership with Swinburne University of Technology and Ernst & Young Australia aims to prevent ...

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Check out what’s coming

If today’s trends continue, a child born in Australia in the next few years will enrol in university in the 2030s. What will tertiary education look like in 2030 – and even further out, in 2050? Thought leaders in the ...

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Universities: adapt or die

A recent report warns of the consequences of ignoring educational globalisation, but universities say they’re already changing The Ernst & Young report University of the Future states that “there’s not a single Australian university that can survive to 2025 with ...

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The physical campus will endure

Universities must adapt to an ever-changing education landscape, but their basic appeal – good teaching in a rich environment – will remain. As the recent Ernst & Young report University of the Future has reminded us, all organisations are subject ...

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Senator refutes Ernst & Young report

A “doom and gloom” analysis on the future of Australia’s universities has been downplayed by some leaders in the sector, who say many changes are already underway.  An Australian parliamentarian has questioned a report by a renowned international consultancy firm ...

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