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Deliver quality, or don’t take the money

A leading private provider talks about his concern about funds flowing to inappropriate providers In recent months Skills Victoria’s experimentation with market-based VET funding has been questioned in this column by tertiary education minister, Chris Evans, the National Party Minister ...

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Spin, slogans, scandals and statistics

John Mitchell talks to a senior TAFE leader who says avoid the Victorian model at all costs. Skills Victoria’s experimentation with market-based VET funding is causing increasing disquiet, even among the usual supporters of such policies. Recent reports by the Productivity ...

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Focus shifts to career commitments

The debate is continuing in VET about who is responsible for students’ low completion rates. Refreshingly, the Australian government and other key parties are reframing the debate by looking beyond course completions. They are researching good practices that will lift ...

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Training a national concern

Have you seen the television commercial which ends with the arrival on screen of a blue work van with the yellow letters MEGT emblazoned across it? The modestly designed ad commences with some worried looking characters fretting in the office. ...

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Countering UK-style disengagement

On the third day of the recent riots in England I was sitting in the community college in Dubbo NSW, 500 km west of Sydney, examining educational programs designed to give second chances to previously disengaged people, particularly Aboriginal people. ...

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