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Modernise coursework to suit the modern student

The way we work is being reshaped, redefined and reimagined with the continual emergence of new technologies. Organisations are adopting technology to increase efficiencies and outcomes, and go to market in new ways. This is stimulating change in every aspect ...

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Transdisciplinary thinking the hot trend at UTS

Two words, 10 syllables: 'transdisciplinary innovation'. It's the new buzz-phrase going around the University of Technology Sydney. So much so that the institution has created a whole new faculty dedicated to it. And what is transdisciplinary innovation? It’s when people from ...

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LinkedIn lists top 10 in-demand skills

Students are among the fastest-growing demographics flocking to LinkedIn, and the social network has unveiled the top 10 skills their potential employers are seeking. LinkedIn pieced together this list by analysing all the recruitment activity on the site from January to September this year. The employment networking ...

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Amid technology, learn to remain human

New technology has already changed our concepts of time and space and exaggerated the divide between haves and have nots; education must help us keep our hold on what’s authentic and equitable. I have had the privilege to work in ...

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UON enters the MOOC sphere

The University of Newcastle has unveiled its first MOOC, and it covers the rather obscure subject of natural history illustration. Drawing Nature, Science and Culture: Natural history illustration is to commence on October 26 and will be taught by UON academics and illustrators Dr ...

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