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Student researchers demand payment for work

New statistics show the most research-intensive group is postgraduate research students. So, they want to be paid for it. According to ABS figures released last week, 57 per cent of hours spent on research in Australia are performed by postgraduate students. ...

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Australia’s first survey of PhD graduate outcomes

In an Australian-first, Group of Eight universities will investigate and publish the extent to which PhD students contribute to the nation. The three year project, dubbed Understanding PhD Career Pathways, will survey more than 200,000 PhD graduates and provide information ...

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In 2017, does the MBA still matter?

UQ may offer Australia's best MBA, but should people even bother doing one? or MBA programs worldwide, admissions have generally increased and become less selective. Then there's tepid corporate profits (ergo, fewer opportunities) combined with a rise in entrepreneurialism, in the context of ...

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Postgraduate degree market enters competitive era

University students considering further study now have a resource to help inform their decision making, after a postgraduate degree comparison website was launched this month. As competition in the job market continues to grow, the number of Australians taking on ...

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Govt and uni recruiters swayed by age

Older postgraduate students in the humanities and social sciences are being overlooked for government and academic jobs because of their age, a study has found. The study by the national postgraduate students association has found a series of disconnects between government ...

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