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Monash exhibits the humblest of objects

Could February be the month of lunchboxes? Last week, the ABC published an investigation of their contents in wealthier and poorer Melbourne suburbs. While, by comparing Oreos packed in Broadmeadows to carrot sticks lovingly placed in Brighton, it invited food-shaming, ...

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Breakfast myth could be toast

‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.’ It’s one of the most commons pieces of nutritional advice people shill out unprovoked, but they might be leading dieters astray. A new review, published in the BMJ, has revealed daily ...

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Mother’s milk study sparks debate

Supporters of breastfeeding are worried that recent research into nut allergies may harm what they say is essential nutrition for young babies.  Midwifery experts are challenging research by the Australian National University that found exclusively breastfed babies had a higher ...

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