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Astronomers map the early universe

Astronomers at Swinburne University will use the new James Webb Space Telescope, located 1.5 million km from earth, to make the first three-dimensional map of the universe as it was in the period known as “cosmic morning”, between 10 and ...

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Curtin University’s NASA mission

Over the weekend, a team of Curtin University researchers were tasked by NASA to observe the Lucy' spacecraft as it passed close to Earth, with Western Australia being the best vantage point.  Researchers from Curtin’s Desert Fireball Network headed to ...

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ANU helps Mars mission

An Australian researcher is part of the NASA team working to see if there are signs of previous life on the red planet. After eight and a half months travelling millions of kilometres, NASA’s $2.5 billion ($2.37 billion) rover Curiosity ...

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