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Strictly speaking | Calving

The impact of global warming has introduced new terms to our vocabulary, like anthropocene, biomass and carbon footprint. A word now gaining currency that has been around for a while, at least for whalers and glaciologists, is calving – the ...

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More English is not better English

The NT government continues with a language education policy that is not supported by domestic and international research, writes Rosa McKenna. The Northern Territory Minister for Education and Training Chris Burns is wrong to continue with English-only classes for indigenous ...

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NT backs multilingual approach

The coverage of the NT languages policy in  Education Review  and Campus Review deserves a response in the interests of balance and accuracy. The draft policy and associated guidelines, “Literacy Framework for Students with English as an additional language” can be easily ...

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Geez mate, I’m feelin’ crook

A you-beaut program is teaching pharmacy students the Aussie lingo.  Pharmacy students from international backgrounds are learning Australian colloquialisms - as a matter of life and death. “Someone might tell a pharmacist they have a gut-ache, had a chunder, caught ...

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