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Senator refutes Ernst & Young report

A “doom and gloom” analysis on the future of Australia’s universities has been downplayed by some leaders in the sector, who say many changes are already underway.  An Australian parliamentarian has questioned a report by a renowned international consultancy firm ...

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Look, no hands!

The concept of driverless cars may sound like science fiction, but researchers say autonomous vehicles may soon hit our roads.  Imagine a world, in which your car would drive you from point A to B. You wouldn’t have to fret ...

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More decision making, not goal setting

 Universities need to think about the future in a more constructive manner, writes Lenore Cooper. A vice-chancellor recently told me that, given the level of dynamism in the Australian higher education environment and the vagaries of government policy, he saw ...

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Gap closes between West and the Rest

 University of Canberra vice-chancellor Stephen Parker muses on the economic, demographic, technological and intellectual challenges for our higher education sector. To help us evaluate the importance of universities, I want to focus on the Australia of the future, perhaps in ...

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