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Diet more powerful than drugs for anti-ageing

A nutritious diet could be more effective than drugs in preventing stroke, diabetes and heart disease, a new University of Sydney study has found. The research, published in Cell Metabolism, tested different combinations of three anti-ageing drugs with various mixtures of ...

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New study proffers food for positive thought

Can food enhance your mood? Deakin University researchers believe so. In fact, the results of their study have led them to extrapolate that diet can treat major depression. The study involved assigning 67 adults with major depression to either receive ...

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Health rated below looking good

When it comes to college-age individuals taking care of their bodies, appearance is more important than health, research conducted at the University of Missouri suggests. Maria Len-Rios, an associate professor of strategic communication; Suzanne Burgoyne, a professor of theatre; and ...

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Apple peels boost calorie-burning

Researchers from the University of Iowa have found that urasolic acid – the waxy substance found in apple peel – can reduce obesity and its associated problems. The findings suggest that urasolic acid increases muscle and brown fat – two ...

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