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New study proffers food for positive thought

Can food enhance your mood? Deakin University researchers believe so. In fact, the results of their study have led them to extrapolate that diet can treat major depression. The study involved assigning 67 adults with major depression to either receive ...

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A smile a day keeps the doctor away

University of Queensland academics say that a cheeky grin can improve your level of happiness and those of the people around you – and improve people’s health and wellbeing.   Professor Ottmar Lipp, a senior research fellow in psychology who studies ...

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Positive thinking cures depression

New research reveals how sufferers of depression can beat the blues by harnessing positive thoughts A recent study by Cardiff University has found a technique that could be used to ease depression. The technique known as neurofeedback involves patients entering ...

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Students avoid campus mental health help

Very few university students suffering depression are using on-campus counselling services, a study out of Victoria University has found. A survey of nearly 800 students by Professor Terence McCann found 21 per cent were psychologically distressed and 27 per cent ...

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