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Friendly Guide to the Acronymn (FGA)

Just in case you were becoming relaxed and comfortable with the abbreviations and acronyms in higher education, the government has thrown in a few more for 2012. Out with the acronyms went some ministers. We regretfully said goodbye to Kim ...

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Sector underfunded, says base review

The much awaited Higher Education Base Funding Review has been released by the government but with 145 pages to get through, the sector is holding fire on a final judegment. Among proposals likely to get most attention are: the application ...

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Friendly guide to the acronym (FGA)

A newcomer joined the list this month by giving an old favourite a final push. The ALTC, the Australian Learning and Teaching Council was replaced by the OLT, (Office of Learning and Teaching) which will be run out of the ...

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University surpluses not for spending

Claims that Australia’s universities are on the financial rise and running huge surpluses should be treated with caution, says the sector’s peak body, and an attempt by the government to lower hopes for further federal funding. “We think it was ...

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New office takes place of ALTC

The federal government has honoured its pledge to retain some of the activities of the popular Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) by establishing a new Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT). To be housed within the Department of Education, ...

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