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Bring down the barricades

The various sectors in education have become rigid and fenced off, stifling meaningful development of learning as a whole. It was not done lightly when they named the parts of Berlin after the Second World War that had come to ...

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Room for improvement in management

Respondents to an ATEM study have called for a “good practice” site to be used for the development of leadership in higher education. By Geoff Scott and Linda McKellar. In 2010, the Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM) proposed a ...

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Tertiary management awards launched

In universities and other tertiary education institutions across Australia academics and professional staff grapple with the complex demands of running what are in effect multi-million dollar corporations. For the past two decades  Campus Review  has been reporting, analyzing and carrying commentary ...

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Deregulation has a price

As our campuses begin to welcome the new cohort of students for 2012, tertiary education managers are assessing the dawn of the demand-driven system. Initially the impacts of the new system are likely to be modest as universities monitor their ...

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Solving enrolment dilemmas

Clear admissions policy administered by strong management is the key to resolving tensions, writes Paul Abela. As an anxious father with a son applying to enter tertiary education in 2012, the admissions policies of tertiary institutions have suddenly come into ...

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