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Call for PM to ease up on states

Prime Minister Julia Gillard finally unveiled the federal government’s reaction to the Gonski review, but her response has left many wondering how the new education model will be funded and how much control the states will have to give over ...

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Big Bang theory cools down

A group of theoretical physicists has poured water on current theories on the creation of the universe and embraced quantum graphity. Researchers from the University of Melbourne and RMIT University suggest our universe began not as a big bang but ...

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Academic aims at US gun control

The latest shooting massacre in the United States has revived the gun control debate, but neither President Barack Obama nor Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is pushing for tougher laws. The issue of gun control has been a hot topic ...

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Vaccines combine to make chooks crook

Thousands of chickens have been killed by a new virus caused by live-vaccine recombination Research from the University of Melbourne has shown two different vaccine viruses have combined to produce new infectious viruses. The vaccines were used simultaneously to control ...

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Catching a cold in motion

Researchers hope a supercomputer simulation of the common cold virus will help in drug development Melbourne researchers are now simulating in 3D the motion of the complete human rhinovirus, the most frequent cause of the common cold, on Australia’s fastest ...

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