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Students turn backs on Mike Pence

On Twitter, United States vice-president Mike Pence proclaimed he was “proud” to address the University of Notre Dame’s 2017 graduating class. But his pride may have evaporated when an estimated 100 students left as he commenced his speech at the prominent ...

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RMIT students have the rights stuff

Five RMIT juris doctor students have made a robust case for improved human rights protections in Australia. The students, Brigette Rose, Frank Aloe, Helen Metzger, Luke Fowler and Veronica Snip worked under the supervision of staff at the Centre for ...

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Could exams be as stressful as bear attacks?

What’s more stressful, end-of-year university exams or a bear attack? Common sense would suggest the latter, but one educational expert has said some students find exams so nerve-racking that the stress response triggered in a test setting is similar to ...

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SCA student protesters forced out

The longest student protest occupation in the history of the University of Sydney ended earlier this week, as police and security evicted student protestors occupying the Sydney College of the Arts building at Rozelle. It marked the end of the occupation, ...

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Study probes how unis can promote mental health

Not tabling multiple assignments to be due on the same day and having a built environment that encourages students to get outdoors are two recommendations of a new study analysing how universities can promote mental wellbeing. "Setting-based interventions to promote ...

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