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UTS presents university commercialisation alternative

Today, in UTS' 'brown paper bag', a symposium on advancing the public benefit of universities took place. Resisting commercialisation The need for universities to focus on research and education – not marketing – was a major topic. Professor Raewyn Connell of USYD ...

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WSU to be top of the crops

Sydney's Hawkesbury region has been fertile since 1891. Now, its getting a new, agricultural lease on life, and making Australia's food more secure in the process. WSU's state-of-the-art National Vegetable Protected Cropping Centre, located at its Hawkesbury campus, is the first of its ...

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Monash’s carbon-free pledge questioned

With much fanfare, Monash recently announced it’s going clean. The Group of Eight member vowed that by 2030, all its energy will be derived from renewable sources. Additionally, it has committed to being carbon neutral by this date. This means that ...

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Climate change research a world first

Cutting-edge research facilities that can simulate the carbon-laden atmosphere of the future and study its impact on native bushland have been opened at the University of Western Sydney. The Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment at Richmond will house up to ...

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Fight back, Neel tells climate researchers

Australian researchers should not waver in the face of scurrilous attacks on climate-change action, says adjunct Professor Roy Neel, the long-time chief of staff to former US vice-president Al Gore. Neel is visiting Australia for a month at the invitation ...

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