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ANU focuses on world’s biggest telescope

The 25-metre Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT), the world’s biggest optical telescope, has reached a milestone in construction. The Steward Observatory Mirror Lab in Arizona has finished polishing the first of its seven 8.4m-diameter mirrors. Australian National University (ANU) is leading ...

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Rise in suicides linked to hard times

Australian researchers have found a 15 per cent rise in the relative risk of suicide for rural men aged 30 to 49 in dry seasons. The team from the Australian National University and other research institutions looked at data in ...

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Noticeboard number 16.

Roff kicks off new role Former Wallabies winger Joe Roff has begun his new role as chief executive of the University of Canberra Union (UCU). The position was created as a result of UCU’s new strategic plan and direction to ...

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ANU helps Mars mission

An Australian researcher is part of the NASA team working to see if there are signs of previous life on the red planet. After eight and a half months travelling millions of kilometres, NASA’s $2.5 billion ($2.37 billion) rover Curiosity ...

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Pee-powered spaceships?

Astronauts could soon be swapping traditional energy sources for urine, as Australian researchers discover that urine could soon propel people to Mars.   A new type of plasma thruster currently in development at the Australian National University (ANU) could reduce ...

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