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On the move | November

EGAN’S SUCCESSOR Macquarie’s longest-serving chancellor, Michael Egan, has left some big shoes to fill. Stepping into them is Dr Martin Parkinson, a public servant of more than 30 years who served as secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister ...

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Rogue landlords exploit international students: report

The exploitation of international students is rampant in Australia’s “wild west” rental housing market, a new report has found. More than 5000 international students across Australia were surveyed for the report, which found “rogue landlords” were preying on students. Associate ...

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Loose lips? Study links oversharing with arousal

Ever said something you regretted over a family Christmas lunch? Or wish you hadn’t written that embarrassing Tinder bio? Chances are you were particularly alert and awake that day. That’s what new University of Melbourne research suggests. Dr Brent Coker ...

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Weekly wrap up 10

Hi, I’m Wade Zaglas, education editor for Campus Review. Welcome to another edition of our weekly wrap up where you can catch up on the biggest higher education news stories we covered this week. You can either listen to the ...

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