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Open HECS-style loans to all students, expert argues

Policy expert Peter Noonan has called for a HECS-style system to be made available to all post-school courses. Mitchell Institute fellow Noonan said income-contingent loans, which the HELP scheme offers, should be equally available to all students in post-secondary education. “One of the ...

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OpenLearning launches hack-a-thon for educators

One of Australia’s leading MOOC providers has launched Teach-a-thon – a hacking marathon for educators who want to run their own creative online courses. Embracing the spirit of a hack-a-thon – an intensive, short-term collaboration with software designers – OpenLearning.com will kick ...

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New MOOC to explore what uni is like

Charles Sturt University has launched a MOOC aimed at developing students’ pre-tertiary achievement levels and to explore aspects of the transition to university. CSU project manager Craig Billingham said the What's Uni Like? MOOC is being promoted to Australian universities, ...

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Experts criticise alcohol rehab scheme

Northern Territory's controversial mandatory alcohol rehabilitation scheme is not cost-effective and may be discriminatory, say medical experts. The scheme costs about $27 million annually, but they say alcohol misuse could be reduced more effectively by methods such as interventions involving ...

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Quality 101: students need a say

Students should play a major role in defining successful higher education outcomes. This word ‘quality’ is something I have often come across in daily life as the president of the Council of International Students Australia. I think this is one ...

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Blended learning is the future

Technology is changing the way educational intuitions will deliver learning now and in the future, a technology leader in the tertiary education sector says. In an exclusive interview, Peter Nikoletatos, executive director and chief information officer at La Trobe University ...

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