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The future of education is digital, individual: Citrix

The physical classroom will become virtual, a US-based multinational tech vendor says. In its 2020 Technology Landscape report Citrix predicts technology will turn the traditional educational experience into more a personalised learning model. Essentially, Citrix says this means technology – such as ...

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Prominent figures: unis need big data

The time has come for universities to harness big data for the benefit of students. Universities should be using the big data they hold on students to enhance success rates, a Deakin University academic says. Retailers use big data to ...

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Safety first

Digital technology serves to spread access to higher education but these benefits must be protected with safeguards for security and privacy. By Matt Miller A decade ago, the prospect of someone earning a graduate degree through distance learning would have ...

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Deregulation could bring helpful technologies into learning

A Canadian educational technology company's chief executive says deregulation could create unique opportunities for universities to gain competitive edges through technology. Despite being rejected by the Senate twice, university deregulation is still being pushed as an essential reform by the federal government. Widespread ...

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TAFEs back childcare training crackdown

TAFEs have welcomed a federal government crackdown on poor childcare training, following a report that revealed many courses were too short to enable adequate skills development or assessment. The report, compiled by the Australian Skills Quality Authority, was released this week by ...

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Senate condemns Pyne’s latest deregulation push

The Senate has officially labelled the education minister, Christopher Pyne's, ongoing efforts to pursue the government’s university deregulation plans as a “significant waste of public resources”. A Greens-led motion the upper house passed yesterday noted the recent news that the government had ...

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