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Right place and time

Ryan 6

Uni program improves job prospects with greater emphasis on practical classroom experience. Moving from the middle of a university lecture theatre to the front of the classroom is a big step for new teachers – and most graduates start their ...

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ACPET chief focuses on confidence

L-R – ACPET Director Mel Koumides, new CEO Rodd Camm and Chair Martin Cass

Building employer confidence in VET sector qualifications is the key to a healthy future for the sector according to the newly appointed chief executive of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET). Rod Camm, who was announced last ...

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Higher education reforms enter House


Parliamentary debate over the Coalition’s proposed higher education reforms is set to begin in earnest today after the government’s long-awaited legislation was introduced to the House of Representatives late last week. The legislation, which would cut government subsidies for university degrees by ...

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Tertiary think tank goes radical


A revolutionary tertiary education preparation pathway for school leavers and a reputation overhaul for VET sector training were amongst a range of deliberately radical ideas a think tank has floated regarding the future of higher education in Australia. The proposals – ...

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Check out what’s coming


If today’s trends continue, a child born in Australia in the next few years will enrol in university in the 2030s. What will tertiary education look like in 2030 – and even further out, in 2050? Thought leaders in the ...

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Student union plans anti-budget rallies


Students across the country are being encouraged to up the ante in opposition to the government’s push to deregulate university fees with a national day of action planned to take place in major cities next week. Concurrent events, being organised ...

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Academics call anti-terror laws overreach

2010 Coalition Campaign Kick Off In Brisbane

Australian academics have accused the government of overreaching in its push to extend anti-terror laws, saying there is insufficient evidence to justify many of the powers it hopes to grant the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation and Australian Federal Police. Last week, Prime ...

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Pyne press club


Education Minister Christopher Pyne has left the door open for alternatives to the government’s plan to charge students a higher interest rate on HECS-HELP repayments. In an address to the National Press Club yesterday in which he spruiked the virtues ...

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Tough all over


A quick look at tertiary education in South Australia reveals little cause to celebrate. By Malcolm King. The more things stay the same, the more things change in Adelaide. It’s hard to know exactly what’s happening at the helm of ...

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